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AA038N1-A2 数据手册 ( 数据表 )

零件编号产品描述 (功能)生产厂家
AA038N1-A2 26–40 GHz Surface Mount Low Noise Amplifier Alpha
Alpha Industries Alpha
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The AA038N1-A2 is a broadband millimeterwave low noise amplifier in a rugged surface mount package which is compatible with high-volume solder installation. The amplifier is designed for use in millimeterwave communication and sensor systems as the receiver frontend or as a gain stage when high gain and low noise figure are required.The robust ceramic surface mount package provides excellent electrical performance and a high degree of environmental protection for long-term reliability.

■ Surface Mount Package
■ 3.8 dB Noise Figure
■ 18 dB Gain
■ +5 dBm Output Power
■ Single Voltage Operation
■ 100% RF and DC Testing


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