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LMV301MG 数据手册 ( 数据表 )

零件编号产品描述 (功能)生产厂家
LMV301MG Low Input Bias Current, 1.8V Op Amp w/ Rail-to-Rail Output National-Semiconductor
National ->Texas Instruments National-Semiconductor
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General Description
The LMV301 CMOS operational amplifier is ideal for single supply, low voltage operation with a guaranteed operating voltage range from 1.8V to 5V. The low input bias current of less than 0.182pA typical, eliminates input voltage errors that may originate from small input signals. This makes the
LMV301 ideal for electrometer applications requiring low input leakage such as sensitive photodetection transimped ance amplifiers and sensor amplifiers. The LMV301 also features a rail-to-rail output voltage swing in addition to a input common-mode range that includes ground. The
LMV301 will drive a 600Ωresistive load and up to 1000pF capacitive load in unity gain follower applications. The low supply voltage also makes the LMV301 well suited for portable two-cell battery systems and single cell Li-Ion systems.

Key Specifications
(Typical values unless otherwise specified)
Input bias current                                 0.182pA
Gain bandwidth product                        1MHz
Supply voltage@ 1.8V                           1.8V to 5V
Supply current                                     150µA
Input referred voltage noise @1kHz         40nV/ Hz
DC Gain (600Ωload) 100dB
Output voltage range@1.8V                   0.024 to 1.77V
Input common-mode voltage range         −0.3V to V+ - 1.2V

Thermocouple amplifiers
Photo current amplifiers
Transducer amplifiers
Sample and hold circuits
Low frequency active filters

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