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SL1021A200PF 数据手册 ( 数据表 )

零件编号产品描述 (功能)生产厂家
SL1021A200PF Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) Products Littelfuse
Littelfuse, Inc Littelfuse
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SL1024B image

GDT circuit protection devices dissipate electrical surge energy safely within a contained plasma gas. Commonly used to help protect sensitive telecom and networking equipment and lines, GDTs protect from damage that may result from lightning strikes and equipment switching operations.
The Littelfuse GDT series described in this document are available in a variety of leaded and surface mount forms and offered with and without optional fail safe clip. Please refer to the electrical specifications, dimension and packaging options section of this document for additional information.

• RoHS compliant
• Low insertion loss
• Excellent response to fast rising transients
• Ultra low capacitance
• 10KA (A suffix devices) / 20KA (B suffix devices) surge capability tested with 8/20μs pulse as defined by IEC 61000-4-5
• Available with thermal failsafe option (add ‘F’ suffix to part number)

SL1021 / SL1024:
• Broadband equipment
• ADSL equipment
• XDSL equipment
• Satellite and CATV equipment
• Splitters
• General telecom equipment
• Telecom network interfaces
• Telephone line cards
• Repeaters
• Modems
• Line test equipment


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